Solar Panels (Photovoltaics)

Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

Solar panels are one of the most popular sustainable solutions to date. The uptake of solar solutions worldwide has grown by approximately 50% per year for the last decade and continues to grow year on year.

It is now a proven mass-produced technology, typically sold with a 25 year performance guarantee and a life expectancy of 40+ years.

Solar PV systems are relatively simple, there are no moving parts and we are able to offer a maintenance contract on any Solarsense system installed to retain its performance and safeguard it from possible breakdowns.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels are generally best installed on roofs with little shading (ideally south facing), however, with technological advancements it is possible to generate a yield from any orientation. 

PV modules (panels) can be fitted almost anywhere and can take the form of glass, roof tiles, slates, membranes and more.

There a range of different module types - all of which have a range of benefits and drawbacks and can be utilised to create an optimum solution – for any questions or advice on what is best for you please get in touch.


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Our Products

We use the very best performance-guaranteed, tier 1 products from brand names including LG, SunPower & AUO (Ben Q) to name a few.

Installing solar panels is a long-term decision and therefore it makes sense to choose quality products that will not only perform now but continue to generate in 40+ years.

A sample of our partners & products can be found in the table below, for a full list of our available products or to discuss a project please contact us to speak to an expert.


Financial returns

For solar PV installations, we see typical payback being achieved within 6-7 years. As solar PV systems last for 40+ years, this is a small percentage of the useful lifetime of the technology.

For commercial projects Solarsense are able to offer detailed economic efficiency or IRR calculations to ensure you understand exactly how and when you can expect to break even, the structure of repayments and the overall profitability to your business.


How solar PV works

Photovoltaics (PV) is the direct conversion of light into electricity at the atomic level. Some materials exhibit a property known as the photoelectric effect that causes them to absorb photons of light and release electrons. When these free electrons are captured, an electric current results and this can be used as electricity.

Solarsense have incomparable experience when it comes to technical knowledge - not only do we have a superior range of products but we test a range of technologies at our National Sustainability Centre to ensure we are offering the best possible solution for your energy needs.

A sample of our products can be found in the table below, for a full list of our available products or to discuss a project please contact us to speak to an expert.


Partners Overview

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For any installation where aesthetics and power are paramount, SunPower modules should be on your short list.

SunPower modules achieve record panel efficiencies of over 20% - they are a more expensive option but will generate more energy over the lifetime of your system than other panels. 

With the metal contact strips moved the the rear of the solar cells, not only do you get increased production, but the modules are also a more uniform colour and so are less noticable on your roof - making them a great choice if the roof is small in size or is exposed. 

Long considered the world's leading module manufacturer, SunPower X-Series modules have unrivalled looks and come with a 25 year product and power warranty.

To find out more about the SunPower X-Series contact a member of our team.

Sunpower Warranties

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About BenQ

AUO, or BenQ Solar is managed by AU Optronics, a leading global manufacturer with a 17-year history and revenues of over $14B in 2013. 

We have a range of BenQ modules to suit all applications, whether you are looking for an economic option or a high performance module - there is a BenQ panel for you.

All BenQ modules come with a standard 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance guarentee.

The product range stretches from cheaper entry level poly-crystalline  modules (typically 250W)to higher spec. mono-crystalline modules (typically 330W).

When appearance is paramount Solarsense recommend the Phonosolar Onyx 250W all back modules.

phono250ABPhono Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading renewable energy product manufacturers and a well trusted brand provider. The Phono Solar brand has become synonymous with high performing, top quality photovoltaic panels that are ideal for use in large scale power plants,
commercial and residential installations.

The module comes with a 10 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty.


Key Features:

  • Module conversion efficiency 15.37%
  • Positive power sorting
  • Resistant to salt corrosion and humidity (IEC 61701)
  • Outstanding performance in weak-light conditions
  • PID – Class A+
  • 10 year product warranty
  • 25 year performance warranty

Technical Data:

  • Peak Power (Wp) : 250W
  • Power Tolerance : 0/+5W
  • Maximum Efficiency : 15.37%
  • Cell Type : Mono-Crystalline
  • Cell Layout : 10x6
  • Cell Dimensions : 156x156mm
  • Connector : MC4 compatible
  • Junction Box : IP-65
  • Frame : Anodised Aluminium - Black
  • Dimensions : 1640x992x40mm
  • Weight : 20.0kg

Read more on the Phonosolar website.

Here in the UK - contrary to the popular misconception - we are ideally situated to gain maximum yields from photovoltaic solar energy.

This is due to a combination of high annual levels of sunshine and UV, low pollution levels and cooling winds (PV yields are reduced significantly in temperatures over 30c).

In fact, on a study trip we made to Northern Spain, we were surprised to learn that some of our systems in the SW of England outperform those fitted in Spain. 

As part of your quotation, Solarsense will provide a full analysis of your building and energy usage to provide a realistic projection of what can be generated and used on site.











Solarsense only supply premium PV modules that meet strict quality and performance criteria. You don't necessarily need to understand what these all mean - but rest assured that our selection process results in solar pv systems that have been made responsibly and are designed to perform for more than 20 years.

Required criteria:

  1. ISO9001 or similar Quality Management System
  2. ISO14001 or equivalent Environmental Management System
  3. ISO26000, DNV or similar Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment
  4. D&B or Euler Hermes A-C Credit Risk Checked
  5. Electroluminescent Scanning on ALL Lines
  6. PID (Potential Induced Degradation) Resistant
  7. Mechanically Soldered – no manual tabbing of cells
  8. Positive Power Tolerance (give % or wp +/-)
  9. IEC61701 or equivalent Salt Mist Test certification (essential for systems installed near the coast)
  10. IEC61215 Crystalline Module Quality Certification
  11. DIN50916 Ammonia Test Certification (essential for systems installed on livestock sheds / barns)
  12. ISO / OHSAS 18000 Occupational Health and Safety
  13. <3mm Frame size tolerance
  14. 10 year minimum product warranty
  15. 25 Year minimum performance warranty
  16. Minimum 80% Rated Power at 20 Years
  17. PV Cycle Accredited for Module Recycling at end of system life
  18. MCS Accredited

Preferred criteria:

  • Confirmation of ability to fix on long and short sides
  • Insurance backed warranty