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Our renewable technologies and sustainable solutions

Choosing a solution that is right for you

Each renewable technology can lower your energy bills, create energy price stability, enhance your green credentials, and create a new revenue stream. 

Solarsense has an unparalleled 21 years’ experience installing a wide range of sustainable solutions. From solar PV and battery storage to heat pumps, LED lighting and solar carports, you can be sure of receiving honest advice and a reliable installation suited to your home or business – we tailor each specific job and can offer advice on which technologies and products are best suited to your particular home or business.

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Our products

Solarsense use only the best available products and test many on site at the National Sustainability Centre in order to maximise efficiency and minimise problems. All of our partners are tested for due diligence and longevity - ensuring that the companies we use will last as long as their warranties.

By using performance-guaranteed technologies from brand names including LG, SunPower, Mitsubishi & AUO (Ben Q) to name a few - you can be sure of the highest quality products and a reliable system that will last.