Solarsense install solar PV system for Compassion UK

Wednesday July 11, 2018

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Solarsense has completed a 50kWp solar PV system for Compassion UK.

Compassion is a leading children’s charity. The organisation has been helping children who are suffering in poverty for over 66 years.

Solarsense has recently installed a 49.7kWp solar PV system for Compassion UK. The bespoke system consists of 144 SunPower solar PV modules and will generate an estimated 45,324kWh per year. The array spans across a 235m² roof and will reduce the organisations carbon footprint by 27,194kg per annum.


System details:

System size: 49.7kWp

Estimated output: 45,324kWh p/a

CO2 savings: 27,194kg p/a

No. of modules: 144 SunPower 345W



Compassion UK solar panels 1

Compassion UK solar panels 3

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