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Wednesday July 4, 2018

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Customer Warning: Potential Scam 

A number of our customers have made us aware that they have been contacted out of the blue, by telephone or letter, by companies offering benefits including ‘free health checks’ and ‘increases in annual production of up to 25%’.

An unfortunate minority have fallen victim to some of the wild claims made by the companies and laid out many thousands of pounds for ‘upgrades’ or ‘maintenance contracts’ which promised much but delivered very little.

We feel that must share with you some of our observations about the various claims made, so that you can make an informed choice should you be contacted like this.


What are the facts 

  • First, and most importantly, we have never and will never share your personal details with any third party without your express permission – so no third party has taken over responsibility for servicing your system at our request
  • Solarsense have categorically NOT gone out of business – many small installers have regrettably, but we are in our 22ndyear and hope to continue for many years to come!
  • Working inverters do not need to be replaced – just like any household appliance, if they are working, then there is no need to replace them
  • There is no government scheme to provide free health checks – qualified tradespeople should charge for what they do, so anyone promising a ‘free health check’ is clearly seeking access to your home
  • There is no magical way to improve your generation by 25% - the manufacturers of technology concerned, SolarEdge, suggest improvements in single figures in most cases, unless your PV array is severely shaded
  • Likewise, wiring your array in parallel rather than in series is a red herring – your PV system will be wired in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with UK electrical wiring regulations
  • Firefighters are not at any particular risk from PV systems – they are trained on how to deal with fires to homes which coincidentally have PV installed and know how to minimise risks
  • Numerous other extravagant and worrying claims made have no basis in fact, and many of the claims are outright lies


Who’s doing this? 

We have had many names reported to us, some are real companies, others appear to be fabrications, but these include: 

  • Triangle Group Ltd
  • ESE Ltd
  • Solar Plants Ltd
  • Solarpac Ltd


What should you do? 

Many of the staff working at or associated with Solarsense have solar PV systems, so we know a thing or two about these matters. None of us have chosen to buy these ‘upgrades’, even though they are available to us at a fraction of the cost.

We recommend: 

  • Ignore – companies like these tend to lose interest pretty quickly if you ignore them. Once you make it on their ‘suckers list’ as they call it, by responding, they will keep badgering (one customer reported three calls a day until she succumbed to their tactics), and often they will sell your details on to other similar companies repeatedly
  • Complain – if they are contacting you without permission, ask they how they got your details and ask to complain to their data protection or GDPR officer
  • Report – if you feel that their practices are sharp or intimidating, report them to your local council trading standards department
  • Advice – If you want to compare quotes or seek cost effective advice or support with your system, then please get in touch with us


Notwithstanding all of this, you might be tempted to invite them in or buy an upgrade. Be aware though that any interference with any aspect of your system by non-approved parties will usually invalidate equipment warranties. Rest assured though, when your system stops performing as a result of any changes, we can help rectify the fault.”

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