Solarsense move into new zero carbon office

Sunday January 29, 2017

ZC Office 2

Solarsense has moved into their new zero carbon office.  

We are pleased to announce the completion of our Zero Carbon Office project. After a long, anticipated wait the team have finally moved in and are beginning to settle in to their beautiful new surroundings.

As well as an office the building will act as a demonstration and training centre for businesses and the general public to learn about sustainabilty and renewable energy technologies.

A special thank you to Askew  Cavanna architects, for delivering such a wonderful building for us to all work in.


Building Details

The state of the art building was designed to generate more energy than it consumes and boasts an extensive array of fully integrated photovoltaics, smart energy controls, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MHVR). 

The fully integrated solar roof is comprised of GB-Sol monocrystaline panels and has a capacity of 12.85 kWp. The building also boasts solar PV rooflights (see images below).

Underfloor heating is provided by a ground source heat pump and supported by Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery. The Airtightness and insulation of the building is also to Passivhaus equivalent levels.



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