Solarsense install 81.9kWp solar PV installation for Brookside Academy, Street

Tuesday January 24, 2017


Solarsense has completed a 81.9kWp solar PV installation for Brookside Academy in Street.

The community-funded project was completed alongside Avalon Community Energy, a community benefit society established in 2013 with the mission to generate renewable energy for both residents and businesses in the Avalon area.

As well as saving the school thousands of pounds on electricity costs each year, the clean energy system will reduce the school’s CO2 emissions by approximately 32 tonnes per year, deliver a range of local benefits and create a bespoke educational tool for the children to learn about sustainability, technology and science;

"When you work in a school you are constantly reminded about the future. Schools are connected to the future in remarkable ways. This week is science week and the children will be thinking and learning all about energy. Having the solar panels on the roof helps us to understand about our future energy supply. Developing young minds, knowledge and skills to do something about it.”            

Brian Walton - Head Teacher, Brookside Academy.


Community-funded energy projects are increasing in popularity, the Brookside Academy project for example was paid for by over 200 private social investors and Solarsense is now working with a number of community groups throughout the Southwest and further afield;

"If you are interested in a community funded project in your area do get in touch with us as we are working with a number of community groups.”

Stephen Barrett – Managing Director, Solarsense.


System Details  

System size: 81.9 kWp

Estimated annual output: 78,045 kWh 

Annual CO2 emissions offset: 32 tonnes


Case Study

Brookside Academy Solar PV Installation 



Brookside Academy 1

Brookside Academy 2

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