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Solar panels & sustainable solutions for data centres

Controlling energy costs with solar and sustainable solutions

Coupled with the growing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, data centres face rising energy costs, and the very real risk of blackouts; today's demand is outstripping supply.

Data centres must protect themselves with efficiency and self-generation to function 24/7, offering proven reliability.


The energy challenges of data centres

Data centres already consume 3% of global electricity supply; consumption is forecast to treble in a decade. Industry experts are predicting that increased regulation will follow, to address data centres’ increasing carbon impact.

In response, the European Commission is responding by asking data centre operators to push up renewable energy use to at least 80% by 2020. Leading this change, data centre giants including Apple and Google are going renewable; driven by the need to cut both carbon and costs.


The Solarsense guide to sustainable solutions for data centres

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